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Is Private Home Training for you? 

The expertise of a of a trainer that matches YOUR needs can make your life BETTER.  A large space and bulky equipment are not required. I have always been a competitive athlete and have reached many training goals in my own home!  A great deal of time can be wasted commuting to and from gyms, changing clothes and packing gym bags.

There is ONE necessary component for ANY exercise to improve a body.  This is absolutely necessary in all home, gym and outdoor training workouts.  There is no training progress with out it. Lack of progress is followed by loss of drive and motivation to exercise when this factor is not included in fitness plan. It is PURPOSE.

Each exercise is a step that leads you to strength ONLY if:

It is Right For You. Posture, strength, body composition, muscle balance, performance and injuries are improved with a challenging quality program (or WRECKED with nonsense movement)

The Intensity is Challenging. Each set must overload the desired muscle group or central nervous system (with load, function, range of motion or endurance)

The Technique and Form are Specific to Desired Outcome. Poor form (head down while running, excess anterior shoulder overload, excessive jerky crunches with no abdominal contraction/isolation) perpetuates unhealthy alignment and TRIGGERS injuries.

Allow only educated, qualified, personable private trainers to prescribe and lead you to your fitness goals.

Purposeful exercise is medicine.  For your Body. For your soul. A single session with a trainer to design a purposeful program for you to do on your own is an investment in your life.  Regular training or check up sessions are steps to consider after your first session.