Why Gail?

GOOD exercise makes everyone’s life better, but ALL EXERCISE IS NOT GOOD! Many
clients come to me frustrated and confused because previous attempts to improve
their bodies have failed.

As an exercise specialist with degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology I
have transformed hundreds of people with all types of goals, personalities and body
types. I also educate other fitness professionals.
I design each session so that effort and potential are not wasted and EACH exercise
has purpose. Fad workouts and generic programs rarely work because muscle type,
body composition, body alignment, prior injuries, personality and other unique
qualities are not considered.

Initial muscle imbalances are always amplified with poor exercise! Injuries result
and optimal body alignment is upset. Quality exercise improves your health and
body while poorly designed programs may do the opposite.

Random exercise is like asking a stranger to choose your wardrobe. Your body type
and personality are not reflected. Precious time and money are probably wasted.
During our first meeting I learn about your body type, health and your exercise likes
and dislikes. We mutually decide if I am the person to take you down the path to a
strong, confident and better body.