GOOD exercise makes life better and is much more than weight loss, rehabilitation,or something we must trudge through to keep up! I erase misconceptions and doubt about being strong, confident and fit. Wasted time, effort and motivation never exist in my training programs. 

Your body has unique characteristics (posture, joint range of motion, exercise likes/dislikes, body composition, muscle type, style, personality, prior injuries, health issues, your personal goals and more) must be incorporated into an exercise prescription that will become an invigorating part of your life, and that actually improves you. 

Every session I lead is unique and is based on the previous workout and the current state of the body. I COMPLETELY understand the effects of each exercise I prescribe. There are hundreds of ways to train and I will direct you through the best program for your lifestyle and body.I help people realize their potential. 

Strength, Confidence, and Health is the foundation for life satisfaction.

gail thomas fitness


I was shocked when I didn’t recognize the image in the mirror or the numbers on the scale. I was a college student and had spent a great deal of time abusing and stressing my once strong body. I felt uncomfortable and disappointed. I no longer felt confident. I actually found myself feeling less curious about the amazing opportunities available to me at this time in my life.

I put aside my attitude of failing and started moving. I stopped the self defeating food and drink and found that even before my body changed my mind changed. I immediately felt satisfaction and invigoration. However, the ultimate gift was developing an intense empathy for others who lost their former fitness level, abilities, energy level or health.

Hundreds of people wake up and do not recognize their own body every day and it may be debilitating. 

My Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition was followed by a Masters Degree in Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation. My thesis research conclusion was innovative and made an impact on my future exercise programs design which would be (and still is) innovative, purposeful and efficient. The World Trade Center in New York was the destination for Graduate School internship and degree completion. I met and influenced dignitaries including the NYC Mayor. Three months became three years. I consulted corporate fitness programs and fitness studios for design and safety. My most fulfilling success was privately training individuals who had a vast array of health, fitness, challenges and goals. Each client was my challenge! I had become a successful competitor in the business and practice of personal training as well as competitive bodybuilding. 

While New York shaped my success I left an impact on NYC as well. I enhanced the bodies of professional dancers, famous designers, bodybuilders , musicians and many other professionals crunching time to get the most out of each day. 

I was eventually ready to return to Chicago, my favorite city, and bring training innovation with me. I brought NYC style group exercise to Chicago and was a hit. I starred in the Shape Up Chicago daily TV fitness program, managed a sizable private training clientele and trained fitness instructors on exercise physiology, choreography and the business of private training. 

I earned a great deal of notoriety. My business success and training philosophy began with the unfortunate realization that I had lost touch with my own body. I gained empathy and then a desire to help others gain back their vitality with sound exercise physiology principals and the personal connection.